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247Tennis for iPhone and iPod Touch
In this page you can find a quick configuration and usage tutorials
The main screen.
From the Main screen you can simply start a new game by tapping anywhere on the screen. (Tip: to make sure you don't miss a ball tap on your racket.)

You move your racket by sliding your finger across the lower part of the screen (for the yellow racket) or the upper part of the screen (for the red racket in the multiplayer game).

To access the Settings window tap the cogwheel:
The settings window.
To access the Settings window tap the cogwheel:

From the Settings window you can change the speed of the ball at the start of each serve and the computer reaction. Experience with each setting to see what level you like best. Purchase the Multiplayer feature to be able to play with a friend.
When the multiplayer option is enabled you will see another button: Invite another player. Tap on it on both devices and wait for the discovered devices list to appear.
On one device tap the name of the other device from the "Choose an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch" list. On the other device the invitation will appear shortly with Accept / Decline buttons.
Once the connection is established, the tennis field will flip back and you will be able to start your game.

The device that initiated the connection will play with the yellow racket. The device who Accepted the connection will play with the red racket.

If the connection between the two devices is lost during the game, an alert window will pop up with the message: Disconnected from peer. You will have to go back in the Settings window and re-establish the connection to continue the multiplayer game.
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